You’ve just left the doctor’s office, and your wound is feeling much better. All that’s left to do is continue changing the dressing and caring for the wound properly. Sounds easy enough until a box shows up at your house with several bandages and various wound care supplies inside. They certainly look like they should be for your treatment – but you’re unsure when and how to use the wound care supplies.

That’s where iPAK by Innovative Outcomes enters the scene, taking the confusion and complication out of wound care at home. With clear instructions and smartly packaged wound care supplies, patients and caregivers can follow the proper treatment plan with ease.

Why should you choose iPAK for wound care at home? Here are the benefits to consider:

Woman opening iPak boxiPAK makes wound care at home an easy process.

Wound care with confidence

Your wound care specialist can do amazing work in the clinic, only to have that process reversed once you leave the office. That’s because wound care at home can be difficult to follow with confidence, with patients often struggling to understand the best practices and proper healing schedules. iPAK makes wound care easy breezy and under control, helping patients stay compliant with doctor’s orders.

Your iPAK arrives with clear instructions on how to use the included supplies. Video tutorials, accessed via smartphones show you the specific steps to follow to properly dress and care for the wound.

Made specifically for you

Far more than generic wound care delivery, iPAK comes with a personal touch. Each video tutorial is customized to the patient, highlighting the exact steps necessary for the specific treatment plan. The supplies are packaged in single-dose dressing changes, making it easy to access everything you need each time you address your wound. As you work your way through the single-dose dressing packs, you can also keep track of how many dressing changes you still need to perform.

Faster healing

Without proper care, wounds take far longer to heal, and the chances of macerations, infections, hospital readmissions and amputations increase drastically. If they don’t understand how to properly care for their wounds at home, patients can unintentionally cause more complications. iPAK empowers patients to avoid these additional issues, following an easier path to recovery.

With that said, Innovative Outcome’s goal with iPAK is to provide physician-ordered products along with the education to properly use those wound care supplies. If you’re interested in enhancing your wound care at home, request an iPAK sample today.