About Our Company

Our mission is to support health care providers by ensuring patients have access to quality wound care supplies while empowering patients through media-based technologies to play a leading role in patient's wound healing outcomes.

Our philosophy is simple: when providing wound care supplies, Innovative Outcomes is committed to ethics-based, compassion-focused assistance to clinicians and their patients.

Before Innovative Outcomes was founded, a large patient population was being overlooked, and we saw an opportunity to support and supply them with much-needed products and services. To do so, we developed an entirely new approach by designing packaging which makes wound care simple and intuitive. Our prominence as the current industry leader was a direct result of our dedication to these core principles.

Given the increasing complexity of wounds, we found that it’s easy for patients to become confused and overwhelmed. Innovative Outcome’s UDP replaces that confusion with convenience and confidence. This proprietary unit-dose packaging not only streamlines the process, but also supports and empowers patients to be active and effective participants in the healing process. Furthermore, we are the only company exclusively devoted to wound care products and clinic-originated orders for patients at home and in long-term care facilities.

UDP – Customized, easy-to-open packaging which includes and organizes the items needed for each dressing change, along with on-demand video tutorials offering step-by-step instructions for how to apply them. This also reduces the time that office staff need to expend explaining how to change a dressing, while exponentially improving compliance and outcomes.