Managing your wound at home can easily turn into an overwhelming and stressful experience. At Innovative Outcomes, our mission is to improve such experiences with iPAK unit dose packaging.

How? Find out below with the answers to the most commonly asked iPAK questions.

patient getting iPak deliveryiPak is innovative wound care supply delivery.

What is iPAK?

iPAK is an innovative method of packaging wound care supplies. Each delivery contains unit-dose packaging which includes the wound care supplies needed for every dressing change and customized video tutorials developed specifically for the patient and the prescribed wound care supplies.

What are the benefits of iPAK?

This innovative delivery of wound care supplies reduces confusion and eliminates waste for patients performing wound care at home. When patients know how to change their dressings properly and care for their wounds with more confidence, they come across fewer complications, which may further reduce hospitalizations.

How can you order iPAK?

You can download an order form on our website and then take it to your doctor to request the Innovative Outcomes iPAK delivery for your wound care at home.

How are supplies delivered?

Once we verify your insurance, we’ll ship your wound care supplies directly to your home. Packages often arrive within 24 hours of insurance verification.

Does health insurance cover iPAK?

We accept Medicare, commercial insurance including Medicare Advantage and Replacement plans. We’ll verify the insurance coverage before shipping your iPAK so you’re aware of your out-of-pocket expenses before your wound care supplies arrive. If you don’t have access to health insurance or your provider doesn’t cover  iPAK, you can lean on to purchase wound care supplies at cost-efficient prices.

How should you use the included QR code?

iPAK deliveries include QR codes as an easy way for patients and caregivers to access their custom video instructions, such as video tutorials and itemized order lists. Simply the camera on your smartphone and scan the code printed on your iPAK to access the provided links.

Is iPAK right for you?

Yes! Designed for anyone performing wound care at home, iPAK empowers and educates patients – and their caregivers – to make wound care dressing changes as easy and stress-free as possible.