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We know compliance is critical to achieving the outcomes you want for your patients. UDP is a clear solution.

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Innovative Outcomes works with clinicians to provide clear, concise instructions to patients on how to change ordered dressings, greatly reducing patient confusion. Our unique approach was developed through extensive research on compliance, as it's related to health literacy, as well as the ongoing patient-clinic interaction, all in order to help you achieve the best clinical outcome for each unique patient.

Patient Home Delivery

Wound care is what we do, and clinicians have come to depend on Innovative Outcomes when their patients need supplies for wound care ranging from diabetic to trauma. Here’s how we’re making a difference by being different:

  • Clinician places order online, over the phone, or via fax
  • Orders are processed immediately and shipped directly to the patient
  • Wound treatment and orders can be tracked through Innovative Status
  • UDP unit dose packages reduce confusion and increase compliance
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Long-Term Care Facilities

We know the story of each patient is different. That’s why we also deliver UDP to Medicare Part B patients in long term care facilities. Other ways we’re dedicated to improving the lives of patients and healthcare professionals:

  • Provide treatment nurses with a roadmap for proper dressing changes
  • Mitigate risk and control inventory cost
  • Provide wound education and information to patients, as an added benefit
  • Work with large and small, independently owned facilities
  • Assign customer service member to your facility for prompt order processing
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Clinical Resources

We’re dedicated to improving wound care for patients and their healthcare professionals. Innovative Status is a secure web-based platform that allows nurses and physicians to easily and quickly track orders sent to Innovative Outcomes, as well as physician eSignature options, access to Medicare’s product requirements and more. Maximizing your time spent with patients, not paperwork and phone calls.

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Many patients forget 80% of what their doctor told them by the time they reach the parking lot.


40% of US adults read below a 6th grade level


81% of patients, age 60 or older, at a public hospital could not understand basic materials

Innovative Outcomes Products

Wound care is all we do. This focus allows us to seamlessly provide products and services that lead to better outcomes in wound care. With our extensive product availability from all major manufacturers, supplies are shipped directly to patients based on your orders, simplifying the process for you and speeding up delivery for your patients. Many wound care DME’s are focused on shipping while Innovative Outcomes focuses on helping clinicians increase patient outcomes.

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Patient Navigation Program

Patients ‘forget’ to attend follow-up visits for many reasons. Sometimes it may be a simple slip in memory. Other times they think they can avoid potential bad news or perhaps feel they’re already healing and don’t need to keep an appointment. Whatever the case, Innovative Outcomes has an intensive outreach program in place to encourage patients to return to your office for follow-up visits.

We know the follow-up appointment is critical when it comes to the healing of wounds, which starts and stops with your patient. Our Patient Navigation Program was developed to remind patients to keep follow-up appointments with their clinicians. We act as your partner in the critical process of wound healing, helping establish the understanding that you’re here to provide the best opportunities to help your patients heal, keeping them out of emergency rooms and ultimately reducing hospitalizations. Contact us at 866-714-7118 to learn more.

Clinician FAQs

  • Will orders ship the same day they are received?

    If an order is received and all necessary information is included—especially supplies, personal information and insurance details—we do our best to ship on the same day. Sometimes simple omissions delay processing.

  • How many supplies will you send?

    We only send the amount of supplies the clinician orders for the patient. In addition, we put those supplies in customized easy-opening UDPs so the patient knows exactly how much to use during each dressing change. This delivery system eliminates confusion and, we believe, helps with compliance.