HIPAA Policy


1. Innovative Outcomes is committed to protecting staff and clients from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, the improper release of PHI and other confidential or proprietary information.

2. The purpose of this policy is to outline the acceptable use of computer equipment by Innovative Outcomes employees with regards to PHI. Inappropriate use exposes Innovative Outcomes to risks, compromise of network systems and services breach of patient confidentiality and other legal claims.

3. This policy applies to employees volunteers, contractors, consultants, temporary employees, students and others authorized by Innovative Outcomes to have access to computer equipment and other equipment which stores patient data, including all personnel affiliated with third parties. This policy applies to all equipment owned or leased by Innovative Outcomes.

4. Confidential information shall be protected at all times regardless of the medium by which it is stored. Examples of confidential information include, but are not limited to: individually identifiable health information concerning patients, patient lists and reports, research data, billing information, patient treatment information. Employees should take all necessary steps to prevent unauthorized access to this information.

Notice to Clients of Privacy Practices

This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and distributed. We are required by law to protect the privacy of your protected health information. This document also explains how you can gain access to your medical information and who to contact should you have any complaint. Please read this document carefully and sign the form to acknowledge you have received this notice.

The general consent for release of medical records you sign authorizes Innovative Outcomes to disclose the information in your medical record for treatment, payment and other health care operations. For the purpose of providing, coordination, or managing your order, your information may be shared with employees and contractors of this provider. For the purpose of arranging payment for your supplies, your information may be shared with your insurer or other third party payor who is responsible for paying all or part of the cost of your care. For the purpose of providing services, we may use and disclose information that is necessary for our business operations, e.g., internal quality assessment, contacting other health care providers about treatment or claim payment. We may send information about you to remind you by telephone, letter, or postcard of information regarding your order.

We are required by law to maintain the privacy of your protected health information and if you believe that your rights have been violated, you may contact the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or you may contact our compliance officer though the following means:

Government / Legal Compliance Officer
Innovative Outcomes
7003 Valley Ranch Drive
Little Rock, AR 72223
Office: 866.714.7118
Fax: 501.904.3626
E-mail: contact@ioutcomes.com