Patient Home Delivery

Because convenience and ease are just as important as the supplies patients receive.

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Independent physicians and clinics depend on Innovative Outcomes when patients need wound care supplies for diabetic wound care, surgical incisions, pressure ulcers or arterial or venous ulcers.

Patient Home Delivery Benefits


Unit Dose Pack reduces patient confusion and improve compliance.


We provide easy ordering options.


We ship supplies directly to patients homes, reducing the need (and space needed) for you to store supplies at your office.


We work with all insurances, including Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid (most states), and Commercial Insurance.

Follow Up

We check in with patients to remind them to return to your clinic for follow-up visits.

Patient Home Delivery FAQs

  • How many supplies will you send?

    We only send the supplies ordered by your clinic. All supplies are packaged in individually dosed, easy-to-open UDP packages, so patients know exactly what and how much to use each day.

  • Will orders ship the same day they are received?

    If an order is received by 4pm CT, and the order information provided is accurate, the shipment will go out the day it is received. If there is a question about the order or if the order will not ship on the day it was received, the clinic will be notified.

  • Can patients return unused supplies?

    An entire order may be returned if the request is received within 45 days of the ship date and return postmarked within 10 days of the return label being sent to the patient. A return authorization must be obtained by calling 866-714-7118.

  • Who can patients call if there is a question about their shipment?

    Patients can call 866-714-7118 and speak with a customer service representative. During normal business hours, patients will have the chance to speak with a live representative for assistance.