Our iPAK unit-dose packaging is different by design. It was developed with the patient in mind to empower and educate them — boosting compliance, reducing confusion and empowering patients to seek better results.

Innovative Outcomes maintains a singular focus on making a patient’s responsibility in their own wound care easier and less stressful. Our products and services are packaged differently to support this focus.

Video Resource Library

Innovative Outcomes leads the home-delivery wound care market when it comes to patient education. With our customized, patient-centric video tutorials — developed specifically for you and the items in your iPAK – it’s easier than ever to understand and remember how to dress your own wounds. See how you can access these videos.

QR Code

With your smartphone’s QR code reader, you can scan the customized code on your iPak to take you directly to your video tutorial.


Innovative Outcomes is committed to simplifying care. From our iPAK unique unit dosing, to our ability to verify and bill your insurance directly, everything we do is designed to offer you the peace of mind, time and ability to successfully take control of your health. Next time you speak with your doctor about wound care, ask for iPAK.

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iPAK's on-demand videos help educate patients, decrease confusion, and encourage compliance — everything you used to spend hours managing. Be different. Choose Unit Dose Pack the next time you fill out a referral or place an order.

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iPak FAQs

  • Why is your packaging different?

    The iPAK method of packaging wound care supplies is revolutionary in the industry. It champions patient engagement by inspiring confidence to develop and maintain the independence we all deserve. Our customized iPAK reduces patient confusion, eliminates waste, helps patients be more compliant and, in turn, reduces hospitalizations. Our mission is to provide physician-ordered products and the education to correctly apply those products to reduce (and possibly eliminate) the need for amputations due to wounds. We believe our UDP is one more step towards that goal.

  • Why is there a QR Code on each iPak?

    The QR code is a way for Innovative Outcomes to digitally provide helpful information to the patient. Our iPAK are customized to the needs of each individual patient receiving his or her prescribed supplies. The clinic name will be included along with the items ordered, as well as helpful video links.

  • How do I scan a QR code?

    Step 1:
    Go to your app store from your mobile device to download the QR code reader of your choice. There are many apps to choose from.

    Step 2:
    Open the app and scan the QR code printed on your iPAK.

    Step 3:
    Click the links within your iPAK profile for helpful information.

    Note: iPhones will be able to scan QR codes directly in the Camera app on iOS11

  • How are supplies delivered?

    Supplies are sent directly to patients’ homes or long-term care facilities and are packed in iPAK’s.