Innovative Outcomes is known in the industry for carrying an expansive selection of advanced wound care products. Featured below are long-time standard products as well as recent products to the wound care category.

PolyMem dressing configurations are available for use on wounds with moderate or heavy exudate. This dressing creates an optimal moist wound healing environment and helps to reduce wound-related pain. It effectively heals most common wound types including full and partial thickness wounds, pressure, diabetic and venous ulcers as well as dermatologic disorders.

MPM Medical Inc. uses 100% pure bovine collagen that is non-hydrolyzed and non-denatured. No synthetic or fiber fillers are used in the product. Triple Helix contains bovine source of Type I collagen that closely mirrors the body’s own December 2014 collagen.

The collagen dressing Prisma is comprised of 44% oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC), 55% collagen and 1% silver. Similarly, Promogran is comprised of 45% oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC), 55% collagen and 0% silver. The efficacy of Promogran and Prisma is supported by a large body of clinical evidence.

When managing bioburden Hydrofera Blue Ready foam is a convenient choice. The waterproof backing provides a barrier to moisture and bacteria. There is not a need to hydrate the product. This product is indicated for acute, traumatic, and chronic wounds such as pressure, diabetic and venous ulcers, donor sites, postsurgical incisions and trauma wounds.

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