New Product Announcement

Innovative Outcomes is pleased to announce we are now carrying two additional Smith & Nephew products; Allevyn Life and Durafiber.

Allevyn Life is a bordered foam and will be carried in three sizes:
4x4in (2x2in pad)
5 1/16×5 1/16in (3x3in pad)
6 1/16×6 1/16in (4x4in pad)

In order to ship and bill for a bordered foam, a patient must have a wound with moderate to heavy drainage. Medicare guidelines indicate we can ship up to 12 pieces per wound per month.

According to features of Allevyn Life are as follows:
• Excellent pressure distribution technology
• Simple and cost-effective
• Easy to reposition and secure
• Gentle on the skin
• Excellent fluid management and retention
• Clean and discrete appearance during wear
• Wide-bordered for a secure, human-shaped fit
• Soft, conformable and protective on the wound

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The second product, Durafiber, is a calcium alginate and we will be carrying four different Durafiber items:
Durafiber 2×2
Durafiber 4×4
Durafiber Rope 3/4x18in
Durafiber AG 2×2

In order to ship and bill for a calcium alginate, a patient must have a full-thickness wound with moderate to heavy drainage and we can ship 30 per wound per month under Medicare guidelines (only 18 per wound
per month of the rope).

According to features of Durafiber are as follows:
• Highly absorbent non-woven gelling fiber dressing
• Contours intimately to the wound bed – reduces dead space where bacteria may proliferate
• High structural integrity
• Clean one piece removal
• Unique anti-shrinkage properties
• Soft and conformable
• Minimal pain and trauma for the patient upon removal
• Minimal lateral wicking – helps protect periwound skin against the risk of maceration
• AG version is effective against infection
– AG version has a sustained release of silver for up to 7 days
– AG version begins to kill pathogens within 30 minutes of contact      p 866-217-9900 f 866-217-9998