Innovative Outcomes Announces
Addition of New Manufacturers & Products

Innovative Outcomes, announced today the company has added the following manufacturers and products to its expansive wound care product inventory.

Vashe Wound Wash: Manufactured by SteadMed Medical – this is a 250 ml bottle of wound wash and is a retail only product. Retail price point $20.00.

Microcyn Skin & Wound Hydrogel: Manufactured by Oculus Innovative
Sciences – we are stocking a 3 oz. Hydrogel, which comes in a spray. Medicare requires the patient have a wound and will reimburse for 3 oz. per wound/per month.

Hydrofera Blue READY Non-Border: Manufactured by Hollister – a 4×5 and a 2.5×2.5 non-bordered foam dressing are available. Medicare requires a wound with moderate to heavy drainage and will reimburse 12 pieces/per wound/per month. This does not replace the regular Hydrofera Blue.

Tegaderm Superabsorber Dressing: Manufactured by 3M – a 3 7/8 x3 7/8 and a 3 7/8 x 7 7/8 calcium alginate are available. Medicare requires a wound with moderate to heavy drainage and full-thickness and will reimburse 30 pieces/per wound/per month.

BiaCare CompreFLEX LITE : Manufactured by BiaCare – we are stocking sizes Large and XL which are the two most common sizes shipped. Medicare requires, for reimbursement, the patient have an open Venous-Stasis or Lymphedema ulcer on the lower limb. The patient can receive one wrap per limb every six months. This is unique from the other compression garments in that the compression stretches beyond the ankle and onto the foot.

To place an order, contact your Account Representative by calling 877-811-6080
Fax 866-217-9998