Innovative Delivery of Wound Care Supplies

Helping patients heal and achieve independence through easy-to-understand packaging, user-friendly instructions, and intuitive video tutorials.

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Innovative Outcomes

By looking at wound care from the patient’s point of view, we have designed packaging which simplifies the process. Our innovative iPak® packages are tailor-made for each individual and conveniently delivered to the patient’s doorstep in unit-dose packaging which takes the guesswork out of treatment. Innovative Outcomes believes in empowering patients with the confidence to take charge of their own healing process, while offering health care professionals and caregivers the comfort that their guidance can be followed with ease.

Innovative Outcomes' UDP provides wound care patients with individually-dosed supplies and on-demand videos which guide patients, step-by-step, through their unique, daily dressing changes.

Individualized Packaging

Supplies are packaged according to the dressing change requirements ordered by each patient’s clinician.

QR Code

Scannable code links patients to dressing change demonstration videos unique to their order.

Extensive Inventory

An unrivaled inventory, with more than 500 in-stock items from all of the leading manufacturers.

Reduces Waste and Cost

Reduces waste and cost by making the wound-dressing process intuitive.

Eliminates Confusion

Provides patients and caregivers with step-by-step video tutorials to eliminate confusion.

Direct Shipping

We ship directly to patients at home and in long-term care facilities to ensure accuracy and speed of delivery - giving patients what they need when they need it.


Our innovative packaging and educational resources eliminate the confusion of dressing your wound at home and provide the confidence to collaborate with your doctor in the healing process.  To provide peace of mind on that journey, we also take care of verifying and billing your insurance providers. Next time you discuss wound care treatment with your doctor, ask about what UDP can do for you.

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Since founding our company nearly two decades ago, our sole focus has been on wound care. Accordingly, we have an intimate and comprehensive understanding of the complexities faced by patients and medical practitioners alike when treating wounds. This is why we decided to keep things simple with UDP. The inventive packaging design and technology included in each shipment reduces the workload for clinicians – resulting in fewer redundant calls about dressing changes so that you and your staff can see more patients and feel less rushed. Many wound care DMEs are only focused on shipping. At Innovative Outcomes, however, one of our top priorities is to help clinicians improve patient outcomes.

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